Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mount Iliamna: The Icy Volcano

While sampling in Cook Inlet this morning we passed Mount Iliamna, a glacier covered stratovolcano! We were stunned by its magnificent beauty. Iliamna hasn't erupted since 1876, but there have been plenty of false alarms due to fumaroles on the flank that produce vigorous plumes of gas and water vapor. There was a brief spike in seismic activity in early 2012 that prompted the Alaska Volcano Observatory to issue a temporary advisory, however the activity has since calmed down. If you'd like to learn more about Mt Iliamna, you can do so at the following links:

Alaska Volcano Observatory: Mt Iliamna
Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program: Mt Iliamna

Photo 1: Julian Herndon and Jennifer Questel pose with Mt Iliamna. It's a volcano... covered in ice? Photo by Jennifer Questel

Photo 2: Mt Iliamna, taken by Dan Naber

Photo 3: Mt Iliamna, taken by Dan Naber

Photo 4: Panorama by Jennifer Questel

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