Monday, July 27, 2015

Successfully Shrunken Styrofoam, Science Style

Photo 0: Science team decorating cups! Jessica Pretty (UAF), Jennifer Questel (UAF), Julian Herndon (UW/PMEL), Rachel Kaplan (UAF), and Jessica Cross (PMEL/UAF)

On Saturday, we had a deep cast at our furthest offshore station, GAK15. We deployed the CTD down to 4200 bd of pressure (just over 4100 meters). The cast, in its entirety, took 3 hours to complete. For the past few days leading up to this station we've had oceanography arts and crafts with decorating Styrofoam cups that would then be attached to the CTD frame. As the CTD gets sunk into the deep abyss the cups shrink and shrink and shrink as the pressure compresses the extra space out of the styrofoam. These cups are quite the tradition for oceanographers. We had a few people get creative with scissors to make octopuses & a jellyfish, and even a few shrunken heads! Below are some photos of the process

Photos 1-2 by Morgan Ostendorf. Photo 3 by Jennifer Questel. Before photos of some of our cups!


Photos 4-6 by Morgan Ostendorf. Pat Rivera (UAF), Max Shoenfeld (UAF) and Caitlin Smoot (UAF) decorate their cups


Photo 5 by Morgan Ostendorf. Wiley Evans (UAF/PMEL) holding the shrunken head pre-shrinking. The whole science crew chipped in to decorate this lovely lady! Photos 6-8 by Dan Naber

Photos 9-10 by Morgan Ostendorf. Jessica Cross (UAF/PMEL) holding the mesh bag with the finished cups. Photo 11 by Dan Naber, the mesh bag with all of the heads 

Photos 12-15 by Dan Naber. Attaching the mesh bags to the CTD, with guest star Jessica Cross

Photo 16 by Jennifer Questel. Julian Herndon (UW/PMEL) deploying the CTD!

Photos 17-20 by Dan Naber. Post shrinking head!

Photo 21 by Morgan Ostendorf. Wiley Evans (UAF/PMEL) holding the shrunken head for scale

Photo 22-23 by Jennifer Questel. Meet our octopuses & jellyfish! Photo 24 by Pat Rivera, post shrinking cups

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